Welcome To
Headley’s Brewing Company

Headley’s Brewing Company was founded in 2017 by Jamie Headley (a beer-loving head brewer) and Matt Sembrat (a beer-loving entrepreneur). When you get two seasoned IT professionals together who share a love for brew and see an opportunity in an ever-growing market for good craft beer, good things tend to happen! Jamie has been crafting beer for years, and during an IT event a few years back, Matt had a chance to try Jamie’s beer, and it was, well, a beautiful thing. While sharing a draft or two, and like so many great companies, the idea for Headleys Brewing was sketched out on the back of a napkin and our brewery was born! Flash forward to the present-day Headley’s Tap Room is open, and we are slowly expanding to include more beer and additional hours. Please check the website and our Facebook page for current hours and beer offerings!